《镜子里的陌生人》A Stranger in the Mirror 是西德尼·谢尔顿是美国当代最著名的通俗小说家。他的著作风靡世界各国,大部分拍摄成电影或电视。《镜子里的陌生人》曾再版三十一次,译成三十多种文字流行世界,是他的成功作之一。书中以跌岩起伏的情节描写喜剧演员托比艰苦奋斗从而登上事业顶峰的故事。


  Comedian Tobey suffering from childhood, played a soldier. Later in the development of Hollywood, but was forced to marry the underworld boss's mistress Millie. When Millie died, Tobina was free and became a super star.


  Tobey and young Gil met, at first sight, as husband and wife. Gil is also from the bottom of the role of the Hollywood dry up, but also cheated out of porn, with the body for the role of.


  Later, Toby suffering a stroke, Jill meticulous care of him, Toby again with a world superstar attitude to appear on the stage again. But Tobey again stroke, good times don't last long, no chance of recovery. At this time Gil was unexpectedly with her first love, David met, Gil turned to hate Tobey not die, but also pushed it into the swimming pool. The court sentenced Tobey to death.


  While Jill to marry David, who is Jill fired agent Clifton revenge her, let David when Jill starred porn, David pain away, Jill investment herself into the sea. Book suspense drama, sharp strokes, brown illustrates the gold dollar Empire shocking all the darkness and corruption, also revealed the hostess a romantic love and variance of hate.

正当吉尔要和大卫结婚时,曾被吉尔解雇的经纪人克里夫敦报复了她,让大卫看当年吉尔演过的色情片,大卫痛苦离去,吉尔投海自尽。 全书悬念迭起,笔触犀利,褐示了金元帝国触目惊心的种种黑暗与腐败,也道出了女主人缱绻的爱与变异的恨。


  On a Saturday morning in early August in 1969, a series of bizarre and inexplicable events occurred aboard the fifty-five-thousand-ton luxury liner S.S. Bretagne as it was preparing to sail from the Port of New York to Le Havre.Claude Dessard, chief purser of the Bretagne, a capable and meticulous man, ran, as he was fond of saying, a "tight ship".


  In the -fifteen years Dessard had served aboard the Bretagne, he had never encountered a situation he had not been able to deal with efficiently and discreetly. Considering that the S.S. Bretagne was a French ship, this was high tribute, indeed. However, on this particular summer day it was as though a thousand devils were conspiring against him.It was of small consolation to his sensitive Gallic pride that the intensive investigations conducted afterwards by the American and French branches of Interpol and the steamship line's own security forces failed to turn up a single plausible explanation for the extraordinary happenings of that day.


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